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*The feminine noun terumah, (“lifting up”) comes from the verb stem, rum (רוּם), “high” or “to lift up.”

UK Toremet Ltd is a registered charitable company in the UK.

UKT has been founded for the purpose of:

  1. Promoting the Culture of Philanthropy
  2. Facilitating the fulfillment of aims deemed charitable by British law, in the UK and abroad.

UK Toremet Limited is a UK registered charity that encourages and simplifies donations to UK and overseas charities.

We help donors to support the causes that they believe in, according to UK charity law guidelines.


Our Trustees

The trustees of UK Toremet Ltd each bring to the table expertise is their fields - law, accounting, currency, communications, nonprofit management and fundraising. The time and effort that they put into their volunteer roles with the organisation enable more social good to be achieved by more donors, such as yourself, through the funding of organisations and activities that will create the change you wish to see.
Jonny Cline
Jonny Cline


Reva Shenker


Adrian Jacob
Adrian Jacob


Jeremy Ross
Jeremy Ross


Robert Cline


Our Advisors

Tax and Business, Banking, Global Philanthropy.... we are blessed to have community of advisors, such as those mentioned here, who are always on hand to assist, guide, make introductions, etc.
Roberta DEustachio
Roberta D'Eustachio

Editor-in-Chief, Giving Magazine

Michael Shenker
Michael Shenker

OWNER, SHENKERS Chartered Accountants and Auditors

Philippe J Weil



The Expert


The Charity Commission for England and Wales registers and regulates charities in England and Wales, to ensure that the public can support charities with confidence.
The website of the Charity Commission shares with the public a full and transparent profile of every registered charity, including UK Toremet Ltd (Registered Charity number 1140972). This record includes details of the charity, our trustees, aims and activities, and financial documents for the last 5 years.
Please contact us for any information you may require that is not shared there.

Our Policies

This section will be updated in the coming days.

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