1 Million Pounds Distributed!

UK Toremet has distributed over £1,000,000 in its first 3 years of operation to charities in the UK, Israel and worldwide. UK Toremet has increased both the number of donors and the number of donations, and now represents over 250 carefully-vetted Recipient Agencies that donors can choose to support. Many of these are small local […]

How Can I Help Israel?

When we see painful images every night on the news, it is easy to become numb and to think that there is nothing that we can do to help. But the opposite is true – when our sisters and brothers in Israel are suffering, many experienced local organisations swing into action to help them, and […]

Click-Start Your Philanthropy

UK Toremet has launched its UKT Charity Accounts, making it easier and more tax-efficient to support all the charities of your choice. We will help you click-start your philanthropy and manage all your charitable giving online. Anyone can open a charity account with a standing order, bank transfer, cheque or credit card payment, and there is […]

Manage Your Philanthropy Online

One-Click Donations

Streamline Your Philanthropy

Engage with British Donors

Jewish Charity Guide Online through UK Toremet

Users of the new printed 2013 Guide and its website can now use UK Toremet to make online donations to over 350 UK registered Jewish charities serving the Jewish community at home, in Israel and throughout the world. The 21st edition of the Jewish Charity Guide was released in the UK in January 2013, and […]

UK Toremet Partners with Top Crowdfunding Platform

UK Toremet has partnered with Indiegogo, the leading global crowdfunding platform on the internet, enabling supporters of the 130+ charities listed on the UK Toremet website to use Indiegogo for fundraising campaigns using social media and save 25% of Indiegogo’s platform fees. Based in the U.S., Indiegogo only recognizes the status of U.S. charities with […]

Responding in an Emergency

  UK Toremet launched an Emergency Appeal in the early days of Operation Pillar of Cloud in November 2012. When over 1 million Israelis found themselves returning to living in shelters under rocket attack from Gaza, UK donors were invited to alleviate their distress by making donations to charities of different types operating in Southern […]