About UKT

*The feminine noun terumah, (“lifting up”) comes from the verb stem, rum (רוּם), “high” or “to lift up.”

UK Toremet Ltd is a registered charitable company in the UK.

UKT has been founded for the purpose of:

  1. Promoting the Culture of Philanthropy in the UK
  2. Facilitating the fulfilment of aims deemed charitable by British law, in the UK and abroad.


About UK Toremet

UK Toremet Limited is a UK registered charity which encourages and simplifies donations to UK, Israeli and overseas charities. We help donors to support the causes that they believe in, according to UK charity law guidelines. We work to raise awareness of the smaller charities operating in Israel, while simultaneously promoting a culture of philanthropy among Israel’s population. UK Toremet’s secure online donation system enables rapid and cost-effective donation to qualifying local and overseas charities.

10 Reasons To Use UK Toremet:

  1. Faster payments to charities in Israel and worldwide at the best possible exchange rates.
  2. Simple, reliable and secure online donation service.
  3. UK tax receipts provided for local and overseas donations.
  4. Maximum 5% commission, waived for Gift Aid eligible donations.
  5. Processing all forms of donation, including charity cheques and vouchers.
  6. Due diligence verification of the charities you choose to support.
  7. Advice on choosing appropriate charities in different categories.
  8. Donations can be deducted from your pre-tax salary (GAYE).
  9. Charity account management to streamline your philanthropy.
  10. Proceeds after admin costs are donated to the UKT Foundation

UK Toremet – facilitating YOUR philanthropy.