The Sderot Grace Center

“The Sderot Grace Center” is a non-profit organization in Israel which aims to help needy people in Sderot and around Gaza. Since the beginning of 2001, the ongoing Rocket fire on Sderot and around Gaza, caused deterioration of the economic situation and the employment of the local residents. In Sderot There are diverse […]

Makor Chaim

Makor Chaim Institutions, Gush Etzion Naftali Fraenkel & Gilad Shaer of blessed memory studied at Makor Chaim. The word “Makor” means “source” and as Naftali’s mother Racheli Fraenkel has said in her talks around the world – Makor Chaim was indeed the source of the unparalleled wave of unity that […]


For Details on the 2013 Temech Conference, click here. Temech was established by American philanthropists interested in addressing the dual issues of enabling women to achieve their potential professionally as well as relieve pressing poverty among Chareidi families. To do so, Temech developed programs for professional training, soft skills acquisition, motivational […]

Jewish Jumpstart

  Impetus An explosion of creative Jewish social entrepreneurship is giving shape to an emergent Judaism outside the walls of institutional Jewish organizations and beyond the labels of movement affiliation. A new generation is seeking and building dynamic, inclusive, and diverse new organizations and communities that reflect their personal identities […]