Harchavat Hamaagalim

About Ma’agalim programs In 1998, when Ma’agalim was founded, Ma’agalim’s educational staff came to the understanding that in high schools in the peripheries, lending a sympathetic ear and counseling is not sufficient in order to prevent at-risk youth from descending deeper and deeper into obscurity, or worse. Ma’agalim was created […]


ESRA is an independent non-profit organisation run by volunteers. A group of English Speaking residents of Herzliya and Kfar Shmaryahu formed ESRA in 1979, primarily to fulfill a social need and assist their integration into Israeli society. The new ‘English Speaking Resident’s Association’, known as ESRA, soon expanded to include […]

The Lahav Association

The Lahav non-profit organization was established in 1998. Since then, it has operated social cinematic projects for disadvantaged populations in which thousands of people throughout the country have taken part. At the heart of each project, throbs a creative and therapeutic process which enables the participants to express themselves by […]


Founded in 1987, ACHY (The Unity of Israeli Society) set out with it’s mission: to provide educational opportunities for under-privileged groups and individuals in Israel.  Groups we serve include young females of the Ethiopian community (project “A Second Chance”), near high-school dropouts (project “Achy Tihonim”), and young children referred by the welfare services (project “Makom Balev […]