Jewish charities

Negba – Network of Houses of Hope in Israel for Children At-Risk

About Negba: Giving Israel’s Children At-Risk a Fair Chance Approximately 14% of all Israeli children have been identified by Israel’s welfare authorities as children at-risk.  They live below the poverty line, in environments rampant with unemployment, drugs, violence and prostitution. Victims of neglect or abuse, these children tend to fail […]

Yad LaKashish

Founded in 1962, Yad LaKashish provides stimulating work opportunities, a warm community environment, and invaluable support services for 300 needy elderly and disabled Jerusalem residents. Almost all are immigrants from the Former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, South America, and elsewhere, and from Israel’s lowest socio-economic sector. Yad LaKashish strives to understand […]

The Sderot Grace Center

“The Sderot Grace Center” is a non-profit organization in Israel which aims to help needy people in Sderot and around Gaza. Since the beginning of 2001, the ongoing Rocket fire on Sderot and around Gaza, caused deterioration of the economic situation and the employment of the local residents. In Sderot There are diverse […]