Tenufa Bakehila

Tenufa Bakehila Transforming the Lives of Israel’s Needy The organization has been working in the last 22 years, to create a momentum among indigent families and assist them in breaking out of the cycle of poverty through rehabilitation, renovation of their homes (thus improving their living conditions) and by the […]

Tel-Hai College

Tel-Hai College, since its establishment as an independent academic institution in 1996, has soared to become not only one of Israel’s leading colleges, but also the most powerful engine for the educational, economic and social development of the Upper Galilee. Offering a carefully chosen set of varied academic programs, Tel-Hai […]


Established in 1995, Be-Atzmi (in Hebrew: on my own) is an Israeli NGO that assists thousands of unemployed and underprivileged men and women every year to integrate, on their own, into stable and appropriate workforce opportunities. The organization implements 7 different employment assistance programs in over 90 locations throughout Israel, […]


For Details on the 2013 Temech Conference, click here. Temech was established by American philanthropists interested in addressing the dual issues of enabling women to achieve their potential professionally as well as relieve pressing poverty among Chareidi families. To do so, Temech developed programs for professional training, soft skills acquisition, motivational […]

The Israel-Asia Center

  The Israel-Asia Center is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated tobuilding a shared future between Israel and Asia. We build and invest in the next generation of leaders in Israel-Asia relations are building dynamic networks to maximize their continued engagement and cooperation. The Israel-Asia Center is dedicated to building a shared […]