Civil Rights

Kol HaIsha

p dir=”ltr”> Kol HaIsha (KHI) is a women’s empowerment organization in Jerusalem addressing the social and economic inequality of women in Israeli society. Our programming focuses on empowerment – helping disadvantaged women in Jerusalem to develop self-confidence and live full, happy and independent lives. Our programs are extended to all […]

IDF Widows and Orphans Organization

The IDF Widows and Orphans Organization,a non-profit organization registered in Israel in 1991, is the sole organization recognized by the State of Israel, representing the widows and orphans of Israel’s fallen soldiers. The organization’s goal is to provide social, emotional and financial support to widows and orphans who have suffered the greatest […]

Association for Civil Rights in Israel

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel Established in 1972, ACRI is Israel’s oldest and largest human rights organization and the only one dealing with the entire spectrum of rights and civil liberties issues in Israel and the Occupied Territories. An independent and non-partisan organization, ACRI’s mandate is to ensure […]