Jewish Jumpstart

  Impetus An explosion of creative Jewish social entrepreneurship is giving shape to an emergent Judaism outside the walls of institutional Jewish organizations and beyond the labels of movement affiliation. A new generation is seeking and building dynamic, inclusive, and diverse new organizations and communities that reflect their personal identities […]

Avnei Derech La’Haim

  “Avnei Derech or Milestones for Life” was founded to change the way high functioning young adults on the Autism Spectrum (AS) integrate into society following high school completion. These young adults require an individualized, professional and holistic program in order to successfully transition from the period of developing adolescence […]

Magen Leyeledim U’Lemishpachot (“Magen”)

MAGEN targets abuse on three fronts: PREVENTION: MAGEN‘s team uses effective educational techniques to raise awareness about the epidemic of sexual abuse in the Jewish community. Using information gathered from veteran psychiatrists and childhood development specialists, as well a their own collected data, MAGEN reminds parents, educators, and child care professionals of appropriate […]