Jonny Cline


Jonny Cline founded UK Toremet Ltd in 2010 in order to fill a void in the skyline of the international and local philanthropic scenery.

With over 15 years of public sector and social sector management experience, Jonny took the plunge to fix just a little of what was wrong in order to make the future a little more fun.

Jonny was born in Manchester and moved to Israel at the age of 18.

Having studied psychology and sociology/anthropology at Bar Ilan University, Jonny worked in organisational development in the hi-tech industry before moving to the public sector.

Jonny has served as the senior emissary of the Jewish Agency to Western Canada, CEO of the World Union of Jewish Students, and Director of Development for organisations including the Mayanei HaYeshua Medical Center.

Jonny lives in Modiin with his wife and three children, and commutes frequently to be “on the ground” in England.