1 Million Pounds Distributed!

UK Toremet has distributed over £1,000,000 in its first 3 years of operation to charities in the UK, Israel and worldwide.

UK Toremet has increased both the number of donors and the number of donations, and now represents over 250 carefully-vetted Recipient Agencies that donors can choose to support. Many of these are small local NGOs that cannot afford to advertise in the UK and which cannot give UK tax receipts. Their UK donors can make direct donations to the charities of their choice, either offline or using UK Toremet’s secure online donation system.

For the past two years, UK Toremet has partnered successfully with the UK Jewish Charity Guide as their online donation portal. Donors can donate online with just a few clicks to support any of the charities listed in this comprehensive guide.

UK Toremet Founder & CEO Jonny Cline explains: “We are proud to have passed the million pound milestone in our quest to facilitate philanthropy. We know that the younger generation of donors are more comfortable donating online, and prefer to choose the charities that they want to support, both within and outside the UK. UK Toremet enables them to exercise their philanthropic choices in a global context without losing important UK tax benefits such as Gift Aid”

UK Toremet takes its name from the Hebrew word “to elevate” which is the root of the word “teruma” or contribution. Its goal is to promote the culture of philanthropy and to facilitate projects in the UK and overseas that are deemed charitable according to British law. The UK-registered charity runs conferences for non-profits in Israel and works to promote a culture of philanthropy among Israel’s population.

UK Toremet has launched a charity account facility which enables people to streamline all their giving from one pot with a few clicks. They also work with major UK foundations which are looking for the most efficient way to give money to Israeli charities.