Offline Donations

Making Offline Gifts

If you prefer to donate offline, please follow these instructions.

Please note that we can accept most charity cheques and vouchers – to make sure that we accept the type that you use, please call the office on 020 8203 8833.

  1. Please make sure that all payments are made out to “UK Toremet Limited”.
  2. Please make sure to send notice to us that you are making a gift, or that a gift has been made, with a request that it be utilised for the facilitation of the activities of your chosen recipient organisation.
  3. Please do your best to make clear, either by means of additional information added to the bank transfer form or by a letter accompanying a cheque, that you would like for your gift to be put towards the facilitation of a specific organisation’s activities, if possible also quoting the charity number.


Cheques should be made out to “UK Toremet Limited”

They should be sent to our London office at:

UK Toremet Limited
c/o Shenkers LLP
4th Floor, Sutherland House
70/78 West Hendon Broadway
London NW9 7BT
United Kingdom

If you would prefer to have cheques sent directly to your chosen organisation’s offices in Israel, they may be passed on to our Israel representative, who will take care of the processing of the gift. It is essential that the cheque be made out to “UK Toremet Limited”.

Bank Transfers:

Instructions should be given for the gift to be transferred to the following account: (Please make sure to state both your name and the name of your chosen recipient organisation on the transfer details)


Account type: NWDBB CURRENT

Account number: 19211333

Sort code: 60 – 24 – 77

Bank address:

PO Box 4115, Hornchurch, Essex RM12 4DF


Thank you!