Charity Accounts

UKT Charity Accounts are designed to make it more convenient and tax-efficient to support the charities of your choice. We will help you click-start your philanthropy and manage all your charitable giving online.

Unique Benefits of a UKT Charity Account:

  • Manage your charity account online*
  • Support anything charitable in the UK or EU or any UK Toremet Recipient Agency or recommend a charity you wish to support  – we will not limit your (legal) choices!
  • Streamline your School Voluntary Payments and Charity Membership Fees through your UKT account.
  • One-time Gift Aid Declaration and charity receipt covers all your donations. An annual statement lists all your donations for your accountant.
  • No more cheques, stamps or paperwork!
    To make an allocation to a charity, simply email the UKT team and they will allocate the money from your account and update your spreadsheet*.
  • Start your account with a standing order, bank transfer or credit card payment – no minimum amount!
  • Our fee is just 5% of 125% of funds deposited
    Example: Start with £5000, sign a Gift Aid form, and we will credit £5937.50 to your account!
  • No further deductions when you make allocations to charity (the charities receive 100%)
  • Option to order charity vouchers or cheques (for an extra charge)

* Here is an example of the spreadsheet file that you would access to manage your UKT charity account
(UKT hopes to have an online allocation system up and running in the future so that you will be able to manage your donations completely online.)