UK Jewish Charity Guide

The UK Jewish Charity Guide lists over 400 Jewish charities in the UK and Israel, seeking funds for their work in those countries and worldwide. The printed Charity Guide is distributed free of charge each year to 3,750 lawyers’ offices, synagogues, libraries, Jewish philanthropists and administrators of charitable trusts in UK Jewish communities.

The Jewish Charity Guide website enables donors to donate securely online through UK Toremet. This system enables donors to Israeli charities to receive UK tax receipts, encouraging them to give you more money!

 Why should Israeli charities advertise in the UK Jewish Charity Guide and Website?

  • The Guide reaches thousands of philanthropists, lawyers, trustees and donors.
  • Advertising in the Jewish Charity Guide raises awareness of your organization in the UK.
  • All Israel charities approved by UK Toremet can have UK tax receipts issued to donors.
  • Your UK donors can donate in Sterling via the JCG website portal and receive tax receipts. We process UK donations at the best exchange rate and pay you in NIS.

Sample Advertising Rates:

Full page                     2200 NIS

Half page                    1300 NIS

Quarter page                 600 NIS

Click here to download the full ratecard