Services for Charities

International NPOs, charities and public benefit companies are invited to apply for pre-approval for the receipt of funds through UK Toremet if their initiatives would be regarded as charitable according to UK law. We have approved over 150 organisations from various locations around the world as recipient agencies helping to reduce their fundraising and administrative costs and facilitate donations from UK taxpayers. Social entrepreneurs can also apply for our fiscal sponsorship services.

Click here to read the UK Charities Act definition of charitable activities.

Click here to find out how to become a Recipient Agency.

Promoting UK Philanthropy

UK Toremet promotes Philanthropy in the UK by partnering with different agencies and websites. For example, we facilitate UK donations for charities listed in the UK Jewish Charity Guide, and we partner with Indiegogo – the leading crowd-funding platform on the internet.


Crowd-funding is a great way for your donors to leverage their social networks in order to raise money and reach financial targets. Until now, Indiegogo only recognized non-profits with 501c3 status in the United States for a 25% discount on their platform fees. If your NPO is an approved UK Toremet Recipient Agency, you can benefit from the same discount. This means that donors in the U.S. and the UK can get tax benefits for donating to your NPO via the UKT partnership with Indiegogo.