Become a Recipient Agency

UK Toremet can represent your charity in the UK if your activities would be seen as charitable under UK law. See this list of our Recipient Agencies to see who we already represent.

To qualify as a Recipient Agency with UK Toremet, an organisation must be able to show that some or all of their activities would be deemed as charitable according to UK charity law, even if you do not operate in the UK.

Please read sections 2 and 3 of the Charities Act 2006 by following this link and decide whether your organisation and its activities qualify. Then click here to complete the online registration form, including a description of your 3 main charitable activities.

Fees & Charges

We charge the following administration fees for donations to pre-approved recipient agencies:

  • Private donations from UK tax payers that are eligible and approved for Gift Aid: 100% of the received donation is transferred to the recipient agency. (As our turnover increases, this will increase to as much as 120% of the donation received.)
  • Grants from charitable foundations, charity accounts, corporations and non-UK taxpayers: 95% of the received donation is transferred to the recipient agency.
  • There is no charge for allocations from UKT Charity Accounts.

Significant allocations are transferred to their recipient agency as soon as funds become available for transfer. Smaller donations are transferred periodically, by arrangement with the recipient agency.

How to Sign Up

CLICK HERE to fill out the online form