Emergency Relief

Aid For Southern Israel

With over 1 million Israelis under fire, you can help the victims of the current conflict in Southern Israel with a direct donation today. Choose the category of aid and we will channel your donation to the most appropriate charitable organisation operating in the area.

Donate today to one of the following categories:

  • Emergency Aid for Affected Families
  • Schools & Children’s Homes
  • Building Shelters
  • Medical Treatment
  • Emergency Response Services
  • Psychological Support for Trauma Victims
  • Care Packages for IDF Soldiers
  • Other  

Please specify your chosen aid category on the donation form.

We will confirm which charity has received your donation and provide a UK tax receipt within 7 days.

UK Toremet Ltd is a UK registered charity whose secure online donation system enables rapid and cost-effective donations to qualifying Israeli charities. Our 5% fee is waived for donations that qualify for UK Gift Aid.

 UK Toremet - facilitating YOUR philanthropy to help Southern Israel TODAY.


Are your loved ones under fire?

How long do they have to get to a shelter when the siren sounds?