Emergency Relief for Israel

Want to Help Israel & Don’t Know How?

With Israel fighting for its survival, you can now help victims of the current conflict with a direct donation to the charity of their choice. UK Toremet Ltd is a UK registered charity with a secure online donation system enabling rapid and cost-effective donations to qualifying Israeli charities.

Many of the smaller and most effective charities in Israel do not have UK offices or bank accounts, so UK Toremet acts as their fiscal sponsor, issuing UK charitable receipts to the donor, and then re-granting the funds according to your wishes.

UK Toremet can help you to channel your donation to the most appropriate charitable organisations in Israel, including organisations that are busy providing:
• Emergency Aid for Affected Families
• Schools, Summer Camps & Children’s Homes
• Emergency Response Services & Medical Treatment
• Psychological Support for Trauma Victims
• Care Packages for IDF Soldiers
• Building Shelters

Simply select the category of support when you make your donation and we will get back to you with a recommendation for charities that you might like to support.

You can also select a particular charity from our extensive list – click here.

UK Toremet Ltd (Registered Charity No. 1140972) is a member of the Fundraising Standards Board scheme, committed to the highest standards in fundraising. UK Toremet is the processing charity behind the Jewish Charity Guide’s giving portal and the UK partner of IsraelGives.org.

UK Toremet can also process donations made via cheque, charity voucher or direct bank transfer – see our website for details.

UK Toremet – facilitating YOUR philanthropy to help Israel TODAY.