Orr Shalom

Orr Shalom rescues and cares for some of Israel’s most at-risk children who come from deeply traumatic and dysfunctional backgrounds across Israeli society – secular and religious, new immigrants, Jewish and Arab. All the children in our care have been removed from their homes by the Social Welfare Services after […]

1 Million Pounds Distributed!

UK Toremet has distributed over £1,000,000 in its first 3 years of operation to charities in the UK, Israel and worldwide. UK Toremet has increased both the number of donors and the number of donations, and now represents over 250 carefully-vetted Recipient Agencies that donors can choose to support. Many […]

Keren Beth Protea

WHAT IS KEREN BETH PROTEA? In the proud tradition of the Southern African Jewish Community, Keren Beth Protea discreetly assists more than 45% of the residents at Beth Protea. From the day that Beth Protea opened, Keren Beth Protea has enabled many former Southern Africans living in Israel to spend […]

Gardens of Galilee

Just Imagine The ride from the shore of the Sea of the Galilee is exhilarating. The blue water plays peek-a-boo with you as you pass through low valleys that run through rolling hills. Finally, you step off the bus at the Biblical Gardens.   The Educational Biblical Garden in the […]