Ziv Neurim



Ziv Neurim is an Israeli non profit organization founded by formar navy commandos in September 2000, Created in honor of Ziv Levy, acommando who fell in the line of duty.
We work to prevent youth at risk from dropping out from school and succeed educationally.ZivNeurim involoves youth at risk in challenging marine activities that enhance their personal and social skills, while improvine their ability to cooperate with their group members.

After 10 years, Ziv Neurim continues to grow and take big steps towards fulfilling its vision of becoming a leading Israeli organization that, by means of participation and education in marine activities, assists in the prevention of troubled youth dropping out of the educational system.   And through the same means, also strives to assist the special needs community in maximizing their inherit potential for successful integration in all areas of life.

Our mission is to provide youth at risk and peoples with special needs with the necessary tools  to develop personal motivation  that result  in behavioral, emotional and cognitive change.   Our tools include a highly qualified and efficient marine team, personal mentoring, and a variety of social and marine activities.  Each year, within the last several years, Ziv Neurim has facilitated an average of 26 groups nationwide.

A vital part of our expansion has been the establishment of our private marine centers.  The center in Ashdod, active since 2008, has provided us with a model  for our most recently established centers in Netanya and Bat Yam.  The construction of these marine centers has enabled us to provide marine activities to a larger amount of participants and has therefore broadened our outreach to each centers’ surrounding communities.   The establishment of our private marine centers ensure that our high standards ( educational and practical) are maintained while also creating a place that  houses leisure activities for our youth during vacations and time off.

The Ziv Neurim Evaluation program will continuously be updated and strives to delve deeper into the results that the marine activities have had on participants.

Another layer of our education model is private tutoring.  We currently offer this assistance and with the help of co operations and volunteers, hope to expand the tutoring program in the near future.

The measures taken for our progression and expansion will largely affect the organizational structure of Ziv Neurim.   It calls for permanent crews in the marine centers and we call on you to join in our goal to create new opportunities for our participants