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Yashar LaChayal – Bringing Israel’s Soldiers What They Need, When They Need It


All Donations Directly Benefit Soldiers

Yashar LaChayal is a unique organization, working tirelessly to provide combat soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces with the goods they lack – warm winter wear, toiletries, personal goods, water backpacks and other important items.  As a result of annual support from a donor family that funds operational and administrative costs, 100% of funds raised through other sources are used to benefit the soldiers.  In addition to providing soldiers with goods and services, Yashar LaChayal brings good wishes from all our supporters directly to the soldiers, raising morale by reminding soldiers that there is a huge wall of international Jewish support behind them.

From its inception in July, 2006, during the height of the Second Lebanon War, Yashar LaChayal has been providing for the basic needs of Israeli soldiers.  Initially, a small group of volunteers worked to collect and package much-needed supplies and transport them directly to the soldiers on the front.  When the war ended, the volunteers continued to receive requests for supplies from army commanders.  In response to this need, Yashar LaChayal was established as a recognized non-profit organization in Israel and the United States, dedicated to helping Israeli soldiers serving on the front lines and making them more comfortable while they are protecting the Jewish homeland. Our staff and volunteers go directly to the soldiers, assessing needs and then returning to fulfill them – Yashar LaChayal, Straight to the Soldier.

Annual campaigns and ongoing projects of Yashar LaChayal include the following:

  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah Projects, providing young people with an opportunity to assist Israel’s soldiers by developing a fundraising campaign of their choice and contributing to a specific Yashar LaChayal project.
  • The Needy Soldier Supply Closets, providing soldiers in financial distress with personal goods and toiletries, such as towels, undergarments, shampoo and toothbrushes – the necessities that are usually provided to soldiers by their families but are not readily available for needy soldiers.
  • The Lone Soldier Fund, assisting volunteers in the IDF without immediate family in Israel by providing basic necessities, such as food coupons, beds and standard appliances, as well as a place to turn to for assistance and additional support when necessary.
  • The Annual Winter wear Campaign, funding the purchase of thousands of fleece jackets, thermal underwear, gloves, hats and neck warmers for soldiers serving on the front lines.
  • The Annual Water Backpack Campaign, funding the distribution of thousands of water backpacks for soldiers, making water quickly and easily accessible to soldiers while they are working in Israel’s extreme heat.
  • Food Packages for Families of Needy Combat Soldiers, distributed twice annually, for Rosh Hashanah and Passover, nourishing the bodies and the souls of many soldiers and their families.
  • The Mishloach Manot for Soldiers Campaign provides opportunities for individuals around the world to sponsor Mishloach Manot packages that are sent directly to the soldiers on their army bases in remote and distant locations.

In addition to these campaigns and projects, Yashar LaChayal responds to requests from army commanders for specialized goods and immediate assistance.  These requests range from the need for protective gear that is not provided by the IDF to urgent requests for personal goods for soldiers.  In all these cases, Yashar LaChayal staff, volunteers and donors work rapidly and efficiently to assess the need and respond to the request.

For additional information, please see our website, www.yasharlachayal.org.