Yad Leyadid Bagalil

Yad Leyadid, a voluntary organization based in Tzfat, which strives to improve the lives of sick and impoverished individuals and families. We help close to 5000 people every year through hospital visits, assistance to new mothers, medical equipment loans, emergency funds and food baskets to families in need.  Our latest project, the Hospital Computer Station Project, is the only one of its kind in Israel and provides hours of Torah classes, lectures, music, and children’s stories to hospitalized patients in seven hospitals across Israel. We are presently seeking funding to expand this program and increase our supply of medical equipment.

Yad Leyadid’s Projects

Yad Leyadid was founded in 2009 by Rabbi Chaim Levi of Tzfat who, while visiting people in the hospital, realized how bored and depressed a patient often becomes when being hospitalized for long periods. He decided to organize a small group to make hospital visits and soon added on other projects for the benefit of both hospitalized patients and needy families.

•    Hospital visits: 200 volunteers visit thousands of patients every month in twelve hospitals across the country. Our volunteers in Tzfat, where we are based, include about 100 at-risk youth. By involving these young people in a project which brings joy to others, we are serving two purposes – helping these young people feel productive and helpful while bringing cheer to people in the hospital.

•    Youth activities: We organize events such as musical evenings, dinners and outings for 100 at-risk youth in Tzfat once a month. Some of these teens volunteer in the hospitals as well.

•    Hospital Computer Station Project: Our latest project is to set up computer stations in hospitals, where 6000 lectures and 300,000 Torah classes in five different languages can be downloaded into mp3 players which are distributed to patients.  Music and children’s stories are also available. Volunteers visit patients with a specially equipped cart which includes a portable computer and supply of mp3 players. We are also planning a library with 500 books in different languages which will be distributed on the carts in each hospital.

•    Medical equipment loans: Our storeroom in Tzfat is open 24 hours a day. We currently have an inventory of 15 wheelchairs for adults and children, 15 pairs of crutches, 30 breast pumps, and 4 portable oxygen tanks, in addition to other pieces of equipment. There is a pressing need to increase our inventory of equipment.

•    Assistance to new mothers in Tzfat: 50 high-school age girls and 70 mature women provide assistance to new mothers who are referred by neighbors,friends and local rabbis. We provide catered meals to the families after the birth, and send 20 cleaners to homes with new babies.

•    Interest-free loans: We lend $50,000 per year in interest-free loans.

•    Monetary assistance: We provide 500 underprivileged families in Tzfat with $250 every month.

•    Food baskets to needy families: We provide 50 families with a food basket worth about $50 every Friday. Three times a year before holidays we provide 200 families with baskets worth $100 each.

Yad Leyadid –Changing the lives of sick and impoverished individuals and families

Our goal is to provide both practical and emotional support to people who are being faced with a personal challenge such as illness, a new baby or financial difficulties.