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PLEASE SUPPORT 100%Jerusalem’s work

We seek financial support for our venture

so that we can jump start active and passionate relationships with Jerusalem for visitors from Israel and around the world. 

100%Jerusalem is a nonprofit social enterprise which is only just getting started.

We believe that 100%Jerusalem will make a smart and active contribution towards significant social, economic, and spiritual change for Jerusalem, Israel, and the Jewish people.

Through uniquely fresh and open channels of personal engagement, our Jerusalem visitor will be introduced to Jerusalem activities, causes, projects, homes and communities with which they will want to have a sustained and active relationship.

Your support can guarantee will enable us to sustain and plan our operations whilst remaining independent from political, religious and economic interests.

We encourage our donors to invest in those areas of our work that may be of particular interest to them, and to experience a rewarding interaction with those activities.

100%Jerusalem obtains funding in three ways: 

Corporate partners, sponsors and advertisers

We invite you to be part of 100%Jerusalem.

In fact without you it won’t happen.

Grants and Donations
We are reliant upon tax-deductible grants and donations to enable us to sustain and to grow .

Earned Revenue
Whatever money we make from our activities is simply reinvested into our start up and running costs, and into growing our enterprise.