The Sderot Grace Center

“The Sderot Grace Center” is a non-profit organization in Israel which aims to help needy people in Sderot and around Gaza.

Since the beginning of 2001, the ongoing Rocket fire on Sderot and around Gaza, caused deterioration of the economic situation and the employment of the local residents.

In Sderot There are diverse populations, some are in a low socioeconomic level.

The security situation and the firing of the rockets on the city, exacerbated their mental condition, followed by the economic situation. According to the statistics every third family in Sderot and the around Gaza is needy.

Consequently established the Grace Center in Sderot out of concern for the residents of Sderot and around Gaza and the tremendous need for centralized and organized support for needy families in the city.

Early on, the center served a small number of families who needed help urgently.

Over the years, the work has been expanded to many varied sectors of grace;

  • Distribution of food baskets every week and large food boxes for the holidays.
  • Providing food for the school children.
  • Running a soup kitchen for needy who cannot cook for themselves. Most of them are: disabled, sick, elders, mentally ill, lonely, Immigrants and holocaust survivors. They enjoy a hot meal every day and a hour of pleasure and relaxation.
  • Operating a second-hand clothing store and furniture and electrical appliances warehouse distribute for needy.
  • Equipment rental for celebrations and mourners.
  • Lending medical equipment.
  • Assistance for Victims of Terror.
  • “Zaka”.

Today “The Sderot Grace Center” helps to 1000 needy every week.

The work is done in full coordination with the Welfare Services in order to give the right help to the right families.

“The Sderot Grace Centre” is a grace pearl in the city and is operated mainly by volunteers from all categories of the population: Youth, National service ,civil Service, children from schools before the holidays, and the city citizens.

We aim to continue to optimize the center’s invaluable activity, help as much as possible and try to save many families from economic collapse, particularly with the fact that with every wave of terrorism, there is another wave of requests for help from the organization. We aim not to let anyone go through the terrible experience of sleeping on an empty stomach because of the inability to get food.

We have a proper management (nihul takin).