The Jerusalem Hills Therapeutic Center

The facilities of the Jerusalem Hills Therapeutic Centers (JHTC) (formerly the Jewish Women International Residential Treatment Center) provide both a warm home and a treatment venue for Israel’s most at-risk children.

With the objective of healing and rehabilitating the children and adolescents under its care, the JHTC has developed a unique long-term treatment program for residential care that includes an intensive one-on-one staff-to-child ratio, innovative drug-free therapies, family counseling and in-service staff training.

The JHTC was established in 1943 to meet the needs of a group of twenty-five children severely traumatized by the Holocaust, who were part of the Teheran Children – the first wave of survivors to arrive in Eretz Yisrael.

Since then, with its dedicated and loving staff, the JHTC has developed a highly effective treatment framework that has achieved and maintained an outstanding rehabilitation rate of over 65%, mainstreaming the majority of the children and adolescents back into Israel’s society.

The JHTC operates three facilities in and around Jerusalem:

The Jerusalem Hills Children’s Home: A residential treatment center providing care 365 days a year for 86 boys and girls, ages 7-14. Now located at its new campus on the outskirts of Jerusalem, near the village of Abu Gosh, the Children’s Home provides a residential framework, a school of special education and an extensive therapies program 365 days a year.

The Kemper Group House: (Formerly, “Beit Hannah”) In the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem, the Group House is home to 14 adolescent boys from all over Israel, ages 14-18, providing an embracing residential facility along with intensive therapeutic programs.

The Goldie Kassell Center: Located in the Malkha neighborhood of Jerusalem, the Center is an outpatient facility offering professional assistance and programs for individuals, families, institutions and public agencies.

Additionally, the JHTC is a recognized advanced training and internship center for psychologists, social workers and special education teachers and has formed educational alliances with universities in Israel and in the United States.
The JHTC’s publication, “Treatment in Life Space”, reflecting its unique treatment program, serves as a training manual throughout Israel.

The JHTC is a not-for-profit organization, a registered amutah, funded mainly by Israel’s Welfare, Education and Health Ministries.
Additional funding and support are received from the American-based Jewish Women International organization, and many friends and associates around the world.

We welcome you to contact us and learn more about our work.