The Garin HaTorani of Lod


In 1986, the Denver Community Center was built by the Denver community and the Jewish Agency.
Five years ago, the Community Center’s chain in Lod was shutdown. After so many years that the Denver Community Center was an integral part of Lod – this place became empty and abandoned.
A year later – the Garin Torani of Lod took upon itself the responsibility to operate the Denver Community Center, trying to bring it back to be the top, leading Community Center in Lod.
From the day it was reopened till today – the Community Center is being a center of attraction for many activities such as: classes, summer camps, special events for both the local residents and Garin members.


  • Together with “Shekulo Tov” organization, there’s a factory for people with different mental disabilities working in the Community Center.
    This project works 5 days a week and the people participating in it are creating products that are being sold afterwards.
    During the afternoon there are many classes working in the Community center, such as: Jazz, Ballet, Judo, art, Electronics, Chess, English etc.
    A Day Care for children at the ages of 3 months up to 3 years for both local residents and Garin members
    “Reim” center for adults with mental disabilities is a program that works 3 times a week with 15 participants. Most of the participants are living with their parents and have nothing to do or occupy themselves during after-noon time. This club is providing tools for right lifestyle and especially makes them feel as equal persons. This project is running together with the social department in Lod.
    During the evenings there are special lectures for adults in various fields such as: how to run your own home budget correctly, happiness in marriage etc.
    In addition, during the year there are many special occasions such as end of year school parties, parties for high-school graduates etc

Planned occasions

As a part of our entire activity in the city in general and in the
social and cultural field in specific the Garin is planning a few

  • “Menifa” program – tutoring children from Lod that have learning difficulties, helping them to achieve their matriculation certificate. An estimate total budget: $9,000
  • ” A hidden class” program – a club for teen-agers that were dropped out from regular educational system which they come to until they become integrated in normal frameworks. An estimate total budget: $18,000
  •  “Populace Culture” – bringing culture into every house in Lod that is suitable for their needs. In this program we attend to create a whole cultural activity that will answer the community needs. An estimate total budget: $34,000


The Garin Torani of Lod is a social settlement

The meaning of social settlements is a group of people (singles or families) that gather together and settle in development towns. These communities try as much as they can to integrate in
the local community and be a full part of the city. There are several social settlements in Israel. These settlements were established in order to help and improve the cities their located in.
Today, the Garin Torani of Lod is the largest social settlement in Israel. The Garin Torani of Lod was established 14 years ago. Today the Garin consists over a 200 families, who came from all over the country. The members of the Garin are involved personally in all aspects of life in Lod. Members live in Lod, send their children to school in Lod and see the town as their home. Garin members
work in various fields (education, high-tech, medicine etc.) in Lod and in the Lod vicinity.
The Garin goals are:

  • Advance the educational system for the Lod community.
  • Improve the social welfare of the Lod community.
  • Be a full participant in the city activities.
  • Provide a response for the multidimensional needs of the Lod community.
  • We believe that full involvement and cooperation with the community will develop and better the city of Lod.