The Galilee Society

Established in 1981 by health specialists Dr. Hatem Kana’ne, Dr. Anwar A’awad, Dr. Shoki A’atallah and Dr. Rona Makai, the GS is the seniormost Arab civil society organization in Israel. We are a politically-unafiliated, non-governmental orgnanization striving to provide environmental and health service solutions for the underserved Palestinian community of Israel. Through the long course of our history, the Galilee Society has become the standard-bearer for grassroots-based health, environmental and social development initiatives, and the established leader in health and environmental advocacy on behalf of the Arab citizens of Israel. We emphasize collaborative alliances with local, regional, and international institutions including citizens groups, municipal and local councils, and professional associations. Alongside our committed partners, we strive to promote the rights of the Arab community of Israel via social, economic and legal reform, actively linking the issue of social development to our inalienable human rights.

The Galilee Society works in two distinct spheres. Our General Program is comprised of four professional departments: Environmental Justice Center, Rikaz Databank Center, Heath Rights Center and the Naqab (Negev) Department. Our Strategic Projects include the Institute of Applied Research and the Al-Maissam Medicinal Plant Center for Research and Education.

The principal aim of The Galilee Society – The Arab National Society for Health, Research and Services – is to empower the indigenous Palestinian Arab minority in Israel by providing it with the means to acheive equitable socio-economic, health and environmental conditions. With and for or the Palestinian community in Israel, the Galilee Society:
Invests in bottom-up approaches to sustainable development through strategies that empower grassroots leadership and entrepreneurship;
Fosters fruitful international cooperation to offer cutting-edge solutions to regional health and environmental problems;
Strives for the equality of ethnic minorities in industrialized countries around the world.
The GS carries out this aim through professional research, scientific innovation, outreach and education, and the provision of health and environmental services. Keenly aware of the myriad internal and external obstacles facing the Palestinian community of Israel, the Galilee Society emphasizes the essential role to be played by each individual. Our political, economic, educational, cultural and civil society leaders must weave a vibrant and sustaining partnership, working together to strengthen the capabilities of a self-made society living with justice, equality and dignity. To realize the potential of our community, we strive first to realize the potential of the individual and then strive together toward a fairer, healthier, more sustainable future.