Tenufa Bakehila

Tenufa Bakehila

Transforming the Lives of Israel’s Needy

  • The organization has been working in the last 22 years, to create a momentum among indigent families and assist them in breaking out of the cycle of poverty through rehabilitation, renovation of their homes (thus improving their living conditions) and by the close accompaniment of a Social Worker who works directly with them.
  • Tenufa Bakehila works with impoverished families living in dilapidated and decaying houses: the elderly, Holocaust survivors, single parent families, new immigrants, families of terror victims and families coping with unemployment, illness, disability and dysfunction – live in appalling conditions.
  • We receive periodically, lists of needy families from municipal social workers, who help the families in other matters, but do not have a way to help with even the most urgent home repairs.
  • Our professional workmen visit the homes, along with the social worker, and assess the physical need of the home, as well as the personal and family needs of each family member.
  • Our professional workmen set a budget and start repairing the home, while the social worker helps with problems such as unemployment, mental and physical disabilities, financial planning, dealing with kids who are “behind” in school, and any other problem.
  • Examples of renovations include repairing moldy, peeling and crumbling walls and ceilings, roof leaks, hazardous electrical and plumbing problems, door and window frames, loose tiles, and kitchen counter and cabinet restoration. We also install grab rails and mobility aids in bathrooms and stairways. Our efforts produce decent and safe homes for deserving families.
  • Such impoverished living conditions jeopardize the residents’ physical health and emotional wellbeing. Yet, once we go in and begin fixing up the home we notice a significant change in the attitude of the residents. They suddenly feel the will to change, and this is where are social workers come in to help them get back on their feet.
  • In the last four years the program has doubled its efforts from working in 3 cities to operating in 7 cities across Israel. They include Binyamina, Hatzor, Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem, Hadera, Or Akiva and Pardes Hanna. Thus far, we have repaired over 3,500 homes helping the families get back on track.
  • For the families that we help, renewing their home may become a transformational experience, restoring their dignity and reviving their interest in life.

Tenufa Bakehila is a means to repairing the family.

I look forward to hearing from you and would be glad to show you around the project.


Gabi Nachmani