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Temech was established by American philanthropists interested in addressing the dual issues of enabling women to achieve their potential professionally as well as relieve pressing poverty among Chareidi families. To do so, Temech developed programs for professional training, soft skills acquisition, motivational tools and community awareness. In addition, Temech developed relationships with the government and industry leaders to help tailor existing programs toward the needs of this particular client community as well as develop new programs towards enrichment and empowerment. To date, Temech has relationships with WEP (Cisco’s community project), Appleseeds Academy (Microsoft’s community project), local and central government programs, as well as leading companies in Israel.

Temech enjoys the full endorsement of community leadership and Rabbonim in Israel and abroad and works closely with community leaders and educational institutions to identify and meet specialized needs.

Temech manages the JDC-Tamat program, Zofia and the “Employment Opportunity” program for the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi).

Temech’s programs include:


  • Helping companies create jobs appropriate for Chareidi women
  • Encouraging overseas companies to outsource to Israel
  • Offering recruitment and job placement advice and networking to women looking for work


  • Running training courses in many disciples and at various levels
  • Vouchers training courses and long term loans for women undertaking skills training


  • Advising business and helping them access government tools
  • Offering consultancy services to Chareidi start up ventures
  • Advising seminary principals on the development of training programs and job opportunities for their graduates
  • Assisting new non-profit ventures to support Chareidi employment and businesses

Temech has been directly involved in training and recruiting hundreds of highly qualified employees in tens of companies throughout Israel. Positions range from starting to managerial levels and include diverse industries. Temech has won the support and involvement of many high-profile individuals within Israel’s economic landscape and from abroad.