Technoda was established in 1986 through the Project Renewal program of the Jewish Agency for Israel to provide science enrichment classes during school hours and after-school activities in science and technology for disadvantaged children in the Givat Olga neighborhood of Hadera. High-quality programming at the Technoda quickly drew hundreds and then thousands of children — including recent immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union — from other parts of Hadera and eventually the entire central region of Israel.

The only science and technology center of its kind between Tel Aviv and Haifa, the Technoda today attracts over 30,000 children and youth annually from every background, ethnic group, religion and lifestyle in Israel and serves as a regional center for gifted children and for teacher training. More than 100 teachers and facilitators open beforeTechnoda participants the worlds of physics, biology, medicine, electronics, robotics, aeronautics, astronomy, astrophysics, optics, computers and mathematics.

Despite the incredible growth and expansion of Technoda’s programs, the original purpose of the Center has not been forgotten. Scholarships areavailable for participation in after school activities that are open to all children of the region, but this is only a small part of Technoda’s commitment to children from disadvantaged and immigrant families. Innovative programs are constantly being developed to meet the needs of these childrenand to aid in bridging the educational gaps that exist in Israel today.

Technoda’s vision is to promote academic excellence in Israelis from all backgrounds. Our organizationalgoals are twofold:

Our educational-scientific goal is to respond to the need to develop the future generation of Israeli leaders of science and technology, in the context of a national priority, particularly in light of the deterioration of education in these fields in recent years.

Our community-social goal is to bridge social and economic gaps in Israeli society by providing a supportive educational framework for children from weaker populations with emphasis on technology and science.