SpaceIL LogoSpaceIL is the Israeli team working to make Israel the third country in the world, following the United States and Russia, to land an unmanned space craft on the moon.

SpaceIL aims to create an “Israeli Apollo Effect” to inspire the next generation of Israeli science and technology leaders and advance the fields of science and technology in Israel by undertaking a challenging task that will ignite the imagination of the country’s young generation.

SpaceIL’s success will be a source of national pride that will transcend borders, placing Israel on the world stage around a positive and inspiring message of hope and achievement to which all can relate. Furthermore, it will serve as a catalyst to foster greater public enthusiasm and interest in science, technology and math (STEM) disciplines.

About SpaceIL

SpaceIL is the Israeli team competing for the Google Lunar X Prize – a privately funded, unmanned race to the moon, competing for $30 million prize established by Google. The team is comprised of a group of outstanding young Israelis – engineers and space experts – who have come together to leverage Israel’s experience and knowledge in the field of miniaturized satellites to develop, launch and land the first ever micro-spaceship on the moon.

The Vision

The moon landing of Apollo 11 in 1969 was a milestone for humankind, bringing people from around the world together to achieve a common purpose. That historic achievement taught an entire generation, that what can be dreamed, can be achieved.  The Apollo Mission also resulted in the famous “Apollo Effect” in which thousands of US students were inspired to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics degrees and careers.

SpaceIL aims to create an Israeli Apollo Effect – which will inspire Jewish and Israeli children and teenagers to be Israel’s future generation of scientists, technology experts, engineers and mathematicians.

SpaceIL has already captured the imagination of the general Israeli public, and of Israeli and Jewish leaders alike. From President Peres, Bezeq and the president of the Weizmann Institute of Science, to college students, and from the heads of Israel’s space industry to young Israeli and Jewish leaders, hundreds have already joined this national mission, bringing their skills and experience to bear in a wide range of fields. Our team consists of more than 100 staff members, most of which are Israel’s most revered space experts. In addition, we have hundreds of volunteers all throughout the country who are dedicating their time and energy into making our vision a reality.

About the Google Lunar X Challenge

The challenge is to become the first team to successfully launch, fly and land a robotic spacecraft on the Moon. The team must operate the spacecraft across the lunar surface and transmit video, images, and data back to Earth. Our spacecraft of choice is a nanosatellite carrying the Israeli flag.