Mosdos Cleveland

We run a gan, a maon, a Talmud Torah, 2 Kollels, Pesach Food & building a Yeshiva for students who require an alternative style of Yeshiva. We have Mosdos in Raanana, Beitar Illit and Bet Shemesh as well as a publishing house for books

In order to do what we do, we draw in Jews of all stripes, colors and flavors with true Ahavat Yisrael. Please visit the Rebbe in Raanana to meet him for yourself.

We have 2 kollels in Raanana and Beitar with outstanding Avreichem. We a have published Noam Elimelech in English and Kedushas Levi is on the way. Our alternative Yeshiva will aid students who cannot sit for the traditional seder to excel and better themselves. Our Pesach food drive feeds many needy Beitar families. Raanana residents of all walks of life join us for events such as Parshat VaEra Shabbat hospitality and programs for students from homes all over the Sharon area providing hot meals and traditional education in the gans, maon and Talmud Torah.