Misholim – art and expressive therapies give a brighter future for those at risk.

Misholim is a unique centre for group and individual art therapy for children and youth at risk. The Jerusalem- based centre gives young people the tools to deal with social, emotional and behavioral problems. Recognized for its innovative therapeutic programs, thousands of youngsters have, through expressive therapies, been given a new beginning.
Innovative treatment in Misholim enables the child to:
Improve social and interpersonal skills
Develop positive identity
Recognize individual creative skills
Work on emotional development
To date Misholim – open for over 30 years – has treated more than 3,000 children and adolescents and their families from every sector of the population.


To impact upon the well-being and prospects of children and their families by providing them access to group therapy which utilizes art, music, drama, and movement, enabling emotional growth and effective social skill development.
With over thirty years of experience Misholim is a leading institution which treats children and adolescents who struggle with emotional, social and mental difficulties. A leading institution in the field, Misholim provides emotionally troubled children a warm and accepting environment where they can safely probe their complex inner worlds. The unique Misholim treatment model takes place within a group setting, where arts, such as sculpture, drawing, painting, music, movement and drama, offer a non-verbal means of expression often allowing participants to better express thoughts and feelings. The group setting allows the child to answer personal questions using the mirror of ‘the other’ and to develop social skills to become contributing members of society. This treatment method enables the child to become more self-aware, to recognize their strengths and to understand personal difficulties and learn to cope with them appropriately and constructively.