Migrant Health IL

MigrantHealth:IL was founded in 2012 in response to the growing population of refugees, asylum seekers, migrant workers, and other migratory populations residing in Israel without access to the national healthcare system available to the citizens of Israel.

MigrantHealth:IL is a collaborative effort between a team of physicians, engineers, community-based organizations, and the Israeli Ministry of Health to improve care for the migrant communities in Israel and gather relevant health information.



MigrantHealth:IL coordinates and implements practical community-based healthcare solutions for the marginalized migrant communities in Israel. MigrantHealth:IL bridges the gaps and creates a comprehensive network for collaboration between community-based organizations, hospitals, and governmental bodies working to address the health needs of the migrant communities in Israel. Focusing on:

  • Increasing patient awareness of available resources and improving health literacy
  • Overcoming language and cultural barriers
  • Coordinating care between providers—ensuring consistent follow-up
  • Reducing the overwhelming demand on local hospitals and clinics


MigrantHealth:IL relies entirely on donations to support our programs.