Our Mission

Our mission is to use our resources to help support youth at risk and enable them to meet their potential; to keep them off the streets and help them develop constructive social skills, become independent and productive citizens, reintegrating into the community as equal partners, thereby strengthening the fabric of Israeli society.

We support the Miftan and Meitar Centers’ professional approach that provides a therapeutic educational environment, using a combined program of vocational workshop training, academic studies on an individualized basis, and a variety of social interaction and enrichment activities.

Friends of Miftanim strives to fulfil its mission by partnering with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services together with the directors of the centers, to promote and strengthen the students’ personal and social development, providing them with the opportunity and the reason for change.


What We Do

FRIENDS OF MIFTANIM provide tutoring programs, facilities and equipment for classrooms and workshops. We support and encourage various recreational activities, social enrichment interaction and vocational training. Among these are a special drug prevention program through drama, a therapeutic art workshop in museums, computer classes and vocational training in carpentry, catering, metal work, auto mechanics, hairdressing and dressmaking.

Friends of Miftanim develops new programs and responds to special needs for individuals with special talents. We support singing and voice training, diving lessons, sports, dental care and summer camp programs.

Friends of Miftanim supports therapeutic horseback riding, an innovative proven tool for the rehabilitation of social skills, with the aim of improving self image, self control and communication skills. It teaches the participants to exert positive and socially acceptable behavior while enjoying the sport.

Friends of Miftanim supports youth clubs and fitness rooms within the Miftan and Meitar frameworks. We promote and encourage the process of social rehabilitation and change through recreational activities and social enrichment interaction. Unable to afford a commercial gym, the students can enjoy working out at the center in a fully equipped fitness room, and can feel equal to their more fortunate peers. The youth clubs at the centers are especially designed and equipped to welcome the students after school hours, offering them a place to relax and enjoy social and leisure activities among friends, in a guided, therapeutic environment.