Midreshet Ma’aleh Hever

Seminars on Judaism and Israel, activities to get to know the land of Israel. Religious culture and dissemination of Torah. Activities of Immigrant Absorption in Israeli society.

Today we have an active educational center that hosts many groups on weekends and midweek. This site is well maintained and being upgraded with mobile homes containing 170 beds in 38 guest rooms, a dining hall, kitchen and meeting rooms.
It is important to note that the midrasha has contributed in the workplace,educational institutions and their develpement by significantly adding jobs in the region.
Currently, we have finished planning the expansion of the higher educational center where the members plan to build: a large dining room and a spacious, 170 extra beds, a study and activity rooms, pool, bird and more. The design is ready and we plan to start construction soon.

Our History and Progress
The midrasha was founded 12 years ago and has set itself two main goals: 1. To engage and teach Torah in all shades of interest to the people of Israel – religious and secular in an experiential, interesting and influential way.
2. Strengthen the Mount Hebron settlement by bringing many groups from all shades of the population to visit Mount Hebron and to pray at the graves of ancestors.