MERCHAVIM, the Institute for the Advancement of Shared Citizenship in Israel, works to equip young Israelis of all backgrounds to build a shared future by learning about their fellow citizens, appreciating the diversity of Israeli society and working together to make their classrooms, schools and communities, fairer – for the benefit of all.

Uniquely, our approach has been developed by and for Israelis of all backgrounds, in full cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Education and prestigious funding partners. A growing range of programs provides creative, age-appropriate activities from kindergarten to 12th grade, based onMerchavim’s Shared Citizenship Model and built around five core conceptsidentity, access, fairness, limits of agreement and active shared citizensh


MERCHAVIM’s mission is to help all Israel’s 7.7 million citizens to live together better by learning about each other, valuing diversity, developing a shared civic awareness and cooperating to make their classrooms and communities  fairer and more cohesive


Areas of Activity

• Developing a range of shared citizenship educational programs for students from pre-school to high school, serving the needs of Israel’s four separate school streams: Jewish secular, religious, ultra-orthodox and Arab-Israeli.

• Training diverse groups of teachers to implement the programs in schools and kindergartens, in partnership with the Ministry of Education.

• Providing ongoing in-service support for teachers implementing shared citizenship programming in schools and kindergartens, including the provision of teaching aids and materials, and encouraging encounters between teachers, students and families from different school streams.

• Evaluation to measure knowledge acquisition and attitudinal change of program participants .