Matnat Chaim

Welcome to the Matnat Chaim organization!

The goal of Matnat Chaim – volunteers for kidney transplantation – is to encourage voluntary kidney donation and to make contact with potential matching recipients. All donations are purely voluntary – this is termed “altruistic” kidney donation. We also make every effort to simplify and shorten the administrative procedures involved. We guide both donors and recipients through the labyrinth of hospital procedures, and provide them with medical advice, as well as counseling, regarding their legal rights.

The activities of Matnat Chaim are on a voluntary basis with no monetary or other gain or benefit. All our activities are fully transparent and are in full compliance both with halachah (Jewish law) and with all relevant laws of the country.

We have managed to achieve dozens of successful transplants, most of which were carried out in Israel, with a limited number of rare and complicated operations performed in the United States.

Increasing numbers of kidney patients are now turning to Matnat Chaim for help. Many of these patients have families, some are parents of small children, others have long histories of sickness and suffering, and it is indeed heart-rending whenever we have to turn people away without a solution.

The main hope of Matnat Chaim is to increase the public’s awareness of the option of life-saving voluntary kidney donation. We want to publicize that there is minimal risk to the donor, and we want to emphasize the huge sense of satisfaction which the donor feels in saving a life.