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Makor Chaim Institutions, Gush Etzion

Naftali Fraenkel & Gilad Shaer of blessed memory studied at Makor Chaim. The word “Makor” means “source” and as Naftali’s mother Racheli Fraenkel has said in her talks around the world – Makor Chaim was indeed the source of the unparalleled wave of unity that swept the Jewish world during the summer of 2014.

Makor Chaim Institutions include:

“Makor Chaim” Yeshiva – one of Israel’s flagship secondary schools promoting extensive intellectual studies with a “Neo- Chassidic” approach to personal spiritual growth.

“Beit Midrash L’Hitchadshut” – Spiritual Renewal Outreach Centre –   A nation-wide, Neo-Chassidic Outreach study & prayer program which appeals to Israelis from all levels of personal observance.

“Lifnei V’Lifnim” – a creative, alternate educators’ training program in cooperation with the Herzog College, which emphasizes awareness development, listening skills, new ways to revive and internalize Torah study, the development of emotional intelligence of the heart and mind, as well as refining sensitivity and creativity. The program now has 40 students.

These activities are carried out in conjunction with Jewish communities overseas including student exchange programs with schools in the US and South Africa as well as educational staff training sessions.

Makor Chaim is a unique “Community of Learning” in which all of the participants in all of the institutions study and teach, take responsibility and are partners with the administration and in the all activities.

For many years, Makor Chaim has been located in old, temporary, pre-fabricated buildings in Kibbutz Kfar Etzion. With time, the deteriorating conditions of the classrooms and dormitories as well as the skyrocketing expense of rent, maintenance and repairs make it impossible to continue in our present situation.

Immediately following the kidnapping, the Israeli Government and the Local Authorities awarded Makor Chaim 32 dunams (almost 8 acres) of land at the entrance to Neve Daniel in Gush Etzion. The land will provide Makor Chaim with a permanent location to build an educational campus consistent with its core vision.

Makor Chaim may be a household word in Israel, but until the tragic kidnapping and murder of our students in June 2014,  we were not well known overseas. Today, many more people throughout the world appreciate the unique work being done here.  Our original blend of Religious Zionist Chassidut and inner spiritual development is making itself felt on many levels – in our high school, in our Renewal Outreach Center in “Lifnai Velifnim” –  our teacher’s training program and in schools and classrooms throughout the world.