Magen Leyeledim U’Lemishpachot (“Magen”)

MAGEN targets abuse on three fronts:


MAGEN‘s team uses effective educational techniques to raise awareness about the epidemic of sexual abuse in the Jewish community. Using information gathered from veteran psychiatrists and childhood development specialists, as well a their own collected data, MAGEN reminds parents, educators, and child care professionals of appropriate child contact and alerts the community of danger zones and local threats. Utilizing modern technology, MAGEN‘s seminars and film-screenings bring worldwide talent and professionalism to Beit Shemesh and unites the community in an attempt to raise the collective consciousness of the very real dangers of abuse.


MAGEN works hand in hand with the social services and local law enforcement officials to combat sex offenders and bring justice and security to the Beit Shemesh community.


MAGEN extends its team of professionals to counsel victims of abuse and their families throughout the community. Collaborating with their partners, MAGEN offers confidential support groups to survivors and provides the public with the appropriate resources and direction they may need.