Machshava Tova

Our Mission

  • 2,000,000 Israelis do not have access to computers
  • We work to narrow Israel’s digital gap
  • Open centers, operate courses, empower people

The Challenge
2,000,000 Israelis do not have access to computers or Internet. This social inequality between those with and those without access must be rectified.The Mission

To reduce Israel’s digital gap by 10% by the year 2020, thus providing access to 200,000 persons

The Problem
Children in LodIsrael is a country on the cutting edge of the hi-tech world. Juxtapose that with 27% of the country’s residents who do not have basic computer access and huge social gaps are created.

Computers are an essential tool in almost every aspect of the modern world- elementary school students use computer programs to complete their nightly homework assignments, youth use social media to stay in touch with friends, job seekers search for the perfect position online and grandparents correspond with their grandchildren via E-mail. Basic computer literacy has become an indispensable element of our daily lives.

In many resource scarce neighborhoods in Israel, there is no central location (in the form of school classrooms or community centers) where computers are available. This total lack of access creates a huge digital gap for entire families. Children cannot keep up with their peers in school and their future growth is stunted by their lack of technological know-how. Teenagers find themselves unable to relate to their peers on an equal basis because they lack access to social media tools. Many adults are hampered in their ability to find higher-paying jobs and thus are unable to join mainstream society.

As the majority of Israel’s population becomes more technologically sophisticated, those who lack basic computer skills will continue to fall further behind and the gap that separates various populations will grow wider. The result is a significant disparity in the ability of many people to progress on an equal level within Israeli society. However, this daunting challenge brings with it great opportunity.

Mission Statement
Machshava Tova narrows Israel’s societal gaps via technology

How we Accomplish our Mission
Women in Lod learning Office Admin.Machshava Tova (MT) is a non-profit organization narrowing societal gaps in Israel through technology. The organization works to provide access to residents by establishing computer centers in resource scarce communities, allows individuals to acquire basic computer proficiency and, as a result, empowers them to build a different future for themselves and their families.

Access– MT has founded eight community computer centers (seven in Jerusalem and one in Lod). Additionally, MT established and operates Israel’s only Mobile Computer Units.
Acquire– MT operates tens of varied courses in order to help persons from resource scarce neighborhoods acquire computer proficiency. Courses range from basic skills to professional job training courses.
Empower– Since its inception in 2003, more than 15,000 people have learned essential computer literacy skills. By using technology as a tool for empowerment, participants in Machshava Tova programs are encouraged to become active members of their communities. Not only are they taught computer skills but some course graduates use the skills they have recently acquired to serve as role models and mentors for others in their community who lack computer knowledge.

50%…of our participants are new immigrants
60%…of our participants are children
65%…of participants in job training courses find employment after the course
100…families in Jerusalem now have a computer in their home thanks to our EcoTech program
Hundreds…of adults have attended more than one course and/or signed up their children for courses at our centers
5,000…number of people introduced to a computer in 2010 via our activities
15,000…persons who have acquired computer proficiency through our courses sincew 2004

MT offers computer literacy courses for children, youth-at-risk, the unemployed, new immigrants, the elderly, minorities, the ultra-Orthodox community and those with disabilities and special needs. We work with every population because the digital gap exists in every corner of Israeli society.

Remember our mission? It can be done! As we expand our activities, as more refurbished computers are brought into homes, as more and more people learn how to use computers…we can begin to reduce Israel’s digital gap.