Center for Young Volunteers in Israel’s Periphery

Ma’ase Center was established in 2004 to promote equal opportunity and develop civic leadership among young adults from Israel’s socio-economic and geographic peripheries, via volunteer and follow-up programs. Each year Ma’ase activates hundreds of young men and women ages 18 through 21 of all sectors of Israeli society with an emphasis on disadvantaged populations that thus far have not had the opportunity to volunteer and lead. All of Ma’ase programs include meaningful and value-based volunteering in educational frameworks, education and career development, leadership development, personal empowerment and social awareness training, identity consolidation and promotion of multi-cultural dialog and openness.

Ma’ase action paradigm is based on multiple studies and extensive experience that show that volunteerism is a significant and proven tool for reinforcing informal abilities in youth, reducing disparities, and promoting socio-economic mobility. Ma’ase approach is to set high standards for all volunteers and motivate them to excel while providing them with quality guidance and mentoring.

Ma’ase unique professional approach has proven itself to be an effective mean for generating a change in Israeli society and for creating leaders who work to advance equal opportunity and civic society. With the support of many partners, Ma’ase aspires to nurture a new leading elite in Israel – an elite based on inner fire and fulfillment of personal potential; an elite that is composed of all Israeli citizens regardless of religion, ethnicity, geographical location or socio-economic status.