Kivunim: New Directions for Special Needs Youth in Israel

Kivunim: A Charitable Organization To Further Youngsters With Special Needs in Israel was
founded in 2003 for young people with sensory and physical disabilities. Kivunim
means “directions” — giving direction and meaning, therefore enabling young people
with disabilities to become independent. They achieve this through comprehensive
service, study, life-skills training and community building programs. Kivunim is rooted
in the idea that young people who are trained to see themselves as agents of social
change, irrespective of their physical challenges, will grow up to be adults who are
capable of taking responsibility for their lives.
Kivunim runs several projects, including Wings; teaching young people aged 18-21
with physical and sensory handicaps how to live independently. The participants go
through a two-year comprehensive program which combines national service, group
living, life-skills training and academic study. This unique program is open for young
people from the United States with sensory or physical disabilities who are interested in
experiencing Israel. The program includes an ulpan to learn Hebrew.