Kinetis is a nonprofit educational organization established to promote, at home and abroad, the recognition of Israel as a vibrant and inspirational source of creativity and innovation.

By educating about and exposing the creative energy of the Israeli environment and people, we seek to enhance global appreciation for Israel’s unique contribution, and to revitalize national pride and innovation.


This is a story about identity, about belonging to something that you’re proud of, about focusing on what works rather than on what doesn’t and sharing it with the world.

“I came to live in Israel when I was 5 years old. It wasn’t my choice, my parents chose for me. But over the years, it has become my choice, because in Israel I feel the most alive, and I see that vitality and energy in the Israeli people, environment and culture at any given time. No, I don’t wear rose-colored glasses and think the country I live in is perfect and beyond criticism. But I don’t think any country or people are perfect either. I established Kinetis so that we, the Israelis, don’t lose sight of the unique benefits this place offers us. And I’m doing what I’m doing because I think we need to share our story with the world. I know our story – the story of the Israeli people – is one of global relevance and appeal and is powerful enough to change perceptions towards Israel”.

Joanna Landau – Founder and Executive Director of Kinetis

Past and Present

Not too long ago the word “Israel” brought to mind images of an inspired people making the desert bloom and building a nation with the only resources at their disposal – creativity, ingenuity and raw human energy. Today, this pioneering spirit is still realized daily in Israeli innovations, energy, vibrant culture and so much more.

Perception Clouding Reality

At the same time, however, the word “Israel” evokes images of conflict generating the impression that the country’s geopolitical reality in a hostile region is its primary or only attribute. This sense of conflict shaping Israel’s identity repels friendship, perpetuates the state’s isolation, and ironically describes only one fraction of the great mosaic that is Israel.

Widening the Lens through which Israel is Perceived

The citizens of Israel desire and are deserving of a nation state that radiates an aura of its core spirit and essential make-up. Not a simplified image of conflict as sensationalized by the international media. Of course, Israel is part of an international dialogue on political rights, as it should be. However, the essence of Israel – the country and its people – is a vibrant mosaic of passion, ingenuity and fusion embodying its most unique and identifying characteristic and asset – creative energy.