Keren Kagan

To prevent young people dropping out of educational settings, and distance them from at-risk cycles.

Amutat Keren Kagan runs the Kagan Learning and Social Support Centre (KLASS) in Katamon Tet, Jerusalem. KLASS operates 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, 45 weeks a year. Children from 1st through 12th grade can come to do their homework, with tutors on hand to help them, and reference and reading books available. Those children who need coaching in English, Math or Hebrew subjects, and sometimes additional subjects, are given subsidized one-on-one sessions. We emphasize the importance of helping children in 1st-3rd grade to master literacy, numeracy and learning skills, so that they become independent in their studies. Pupils from 7th to 12th grade come mainly for help and support with projects, and before exams, and sometimes for one-on-one coaching. Most of the children coming to KLASS live in the Katamonim district of Jerusalem, but they attend many different schools throughout the city. At the moment, about 80% of the children are from families who immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia.

Our History and Progress
Dr. Kagan, the pioneer of preventive medicine for children in Israel, became aware that a number of young people were wandering the streets of Jerusalem instead of attending school. Applying her preventive approach, she arranged coaching sessions for the youngsters. As this aspect of her work became known, she received donations from friends, and a trust fund, known as Keren Kagan was set up. This trust funded the Kagan Learning Centre established in her honor in 1968 by WIZO UK. Today Keren Kagan continues to manage the Kagan Learning and Social Support Centre KLASS) in Jerusalem.