Keren Beth Protea

In the proud tradition of the Southern African Jewish Community, Keren Beth Protea discreetly assists more than 45% of the residents at Beth Protea.

From the day that Beth Protea opened, Keren Beth Protea has enabled many former Southern Africans living in Israel to spend their golden years in dignity in the serenity of our beautiful facility.

In order to ensure the continued ability of the Keren to support needy applicants, a large group of dedicated volunteers are involved in many fund raising activities both locally and abroad.

This program ensures that the admission policy is not built solely on the applicants financial ability. This is what distinguishes a community project such as Beth Protea from commercial, profit-motivated senior citizen facilities. Those who can afford to do so, pay in full, but assistance is available to ex-Southern Africans living in Israel who may require it.

This assistance is given in complete confidentiality by Keren Beth Protea, ensuring that each individual is equal – receiving the same services, enjoying the same facilities and living life to its fullest.

The total assistance given by Keren Beth Protea over the last 12 years is in excess of eight million Dollars.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? One of our projects is called “Friends of Beth Protea” which welcomes people to associate themselves with this wonderful cause.

The Keren is proudly supported by a unique group of dedicated volunteers who tirelessly give their time and efforts to help raise funds to ensure the continuation of this very important function. Whether it be organizing a spectacular fund raising concert, a film premiere, or the famous card mornings which are the pride and joy of the residents themselves, the drive is always straight from the heart and with total commitment to ensure that Keren Beth Protea can continue to support the ever growing number of applicants.

If you would like to join our special “family” of “friends”, please contact us …