Karemy Chesed


Karmey Chesed, literally translated as vineyards of kindness, offers a cluster of services for the needy Jewish family in Israel. Grapes, one of Israel’s seven special species, require proper care to ensure that they grow properly. Likewise, we work tirelessly along with our dedicated volunteers to provide these families with both their physical and emotional needs. At Karmey Chesed we strive to aid unfortunate families in any possible way, helping them maintain their dignity and get back on their feet.

The organization’s activities are currently centered in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Modiin, Beitar Illit, and Gush Etzion, but due to the high demand, efforts are expected to expand to other areas of the country.

Karmey Chesed’s creative and exciting Green Charity program takes old appliances and furniture from those who are remodeling or upgrading, and gives them at no charge to those less fortunate. Instead of filling landfills and polluting waterways, these discarded items become a lifeline for needy families. Click here to see more.

Clothing Distribution

Parents who do not have sufficient means to provide for their growing families can ill-afford proper fitting clothing for themselves or their children. Part of the solution is various Karmey Chessed clothing drives held throughout the year. At these drives large quantities of gently used clothing are collected for later distribution. These drives have proved to be the most cost effective way of providing clothing to a large number of needy families. The clothing accomplish more then merely dressing the needy families; it gives them back their dignity.

More affluent families in Israel continuously and generously donate clothing. Our volunteers must sort them, hang them, arrange them by size, and help identify the families who are in the greatest need. Those who desperately need these clothes, should not have to go through piles of clothes in garbage bags, but should receive the gifts with dignity.

Your donation to our clothing distribution program can help cover the basic costs of ensuring that recipients are given fresh, clean clothing.

Food Distribution

It’s hard to imagine Jewish families without enough food on their table, but the occurrence is far too frequent. Families who seem financially stable on the outside don’t have basic food – bread, rice, milk – to feed their families. Often embarrassed to go to a soup kitchen or turn to public assistance for help, Karmey Chessed usually hears about these dire situations from caring neighbors or friends, and we step in. To save them from the shame of standing on line at a soup kitchen, our dedicated and discreet volunteers regularly deliver well-stocked food baskets to the doorsteps of needy families. Our food packages maintain the health and lives of the needy families.

Your donation can provide more Jewish families with life-giving food packages.

Emergency Prescription Drugs

Numerous challenges accompany a sick family member without the additional worry of how the necessary medical prescriptions will be filled. Unfortunately, for many needy families in Israel the money to fill much needed prescriptions is simply nonexistent.

As Karmey Chessed stands by their side, your donation can provide them with the necessary emergency medicine to help alleviate their suffering.


Emergency Loan Fund

Often as hard as they work and as much as they try, many families simply cannot make ends meet. Sometimes, small funds can tide a family over during an especially difficult period. In these cases, Karmey Chessed provides a pipeline for hope with an emergency cash gift or an interest-free loan to ease the burden of these hardworking families.

Your donation to our Emergency Loan Fund can help families stay on their feet.