Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center


JRCC History & Description:
The JRCC is a non-profit feminist organization which provides emotional support, legal aid & accompaniment to victims of sexual assault in Jerusalem and the peripheries, as well as promoting education, social action and social justice.

The Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center was founded in 1981, in memory of Linda Feldman, a psychologist who made aliya from Canada and strived to open a haven for survivors of rape and sexual assault. Since then, the JRCC has evolved into a leading human rights organization in Jerusalem devoted to gender equality and combating violence against women and girls of all backgrounds (cultural, ethnic, religious etc.). By doing so, the JRCC responds to the vacuum that encompasses sexual violence, an issue that receives neither appropriate attention nor resources from government and municipal institutions.

Over 170 dedicated volunteers and a part-time staff of 10, offer skilled and heartfelt support to women, girls and children who are victims of rape, incest, sexual harassment and assault.

JRCC Activities:
The JRCC provides crucial services including:

  • Personal support via a 24hour hotline,
  • Individual meetings with victims
  • Therapeutic Support Groups facilitated by Professionals in the field
  • Accompaniment of victims to hospitals, courts of law and police stations
  • Legal Assistance
  • Training for lawyers, judges, and volunteers public awareness
  • Legislative activism
  • Educating Youth – workshops and lectures about sexuality, gender equality and sexual assault.

The JRCC provides invaluable support to thousands of women and girls annually.


Specific Activities Requiring Funding:

  • Funding support groups for woman who were sexually assaulted, and for their family members such as mothers and partners of sexual assault survivors.
  • Funding the 24-hour rape crisis hotline, which operates from 8 AM until 11 PM each day, and also operates an emergency, 24/7 line, serving thousands of individuals annually.
  • Training courses for volunteers to answer the hotline, to conduct meetings with our beneficiaries- victims of sexual abuse and to escort them to hospitals (at all hours), to different courts in Jerusalem, and to police stations in and around Jerusalem.
  • Training courses for volunteers who are then sent to schools all around greater Jerusalem to lecture students and teachers about sexuality, gender equality and sexual assault.
  • Training volunteers legal procedure to provide aid throughout the entire legal process (advising about filing a police complaint, explaining the relevant law and legal procedures, contacting police officers and state prosecutors on behalf of the individual).
  • Funding support groups and professional counseling for volunteers.
  • Funding workshops for professionals about sexual harassment and assault.
  • Printing materials: Information Packs and Handouts, posters, JRCC stickers.

We would like to convey are gratitude in advance for your taking an interest in our organization. Any contribution is greatly appreciated by our staff, volunteers and service-seekers – the survivors of sexual assault.