ITIM | עתים

ITIM is an independent non-profit, providing information and advocacy for the Jewish lifecycle. ITIM speaks to the Jewish world – religious and secular, old and young, Jews now and Jews to come, Jews from a variety of backgrounds and Jews with diverse ideologies. All of ITIM’s services are free guided by the principle that everyone deserves a sense of independence and dignity on their Jewish journey.

ITIM diligently pursues reliable information from all sources, both traditional and unconventional. ITIM also maintains wide client support networks who are experts in alleviating bureaucratic obstacles imposed by the Israeli religious establishment. ITIM provides support, guidance and diverse solutions to the following individuals: those at various stages of conversion, those individuals whose status does not allow them to get married in Israel (for example kohanim and divorcees), families who find themselves standing before a chevreh kadisha moments before the burial of a loved one, those who are on the path of proving their Judaism before a beit din, those with difficulty finding a date for pidyon haben, those who desire to imbue meaningful content and values into the bar and bat mitzvah celebrations of their children, and others.

Individuals turn to ITIM to consult for one time, specific requests (for example, where can I find a Kohen that can attend the pidyon haben for my child?) as well as other, more complex cases which require deeper and more systematic engagement. ITIM has cultivated relationships with members of the Israeli religious bureaucracy on all levels in an effort to make Jewish life accessible to all.

In addition to the personal support, ITIM advocates to change and improve the reality of Jewish life for broader society. ITIM is currently suing the Israeli chief rabbinate in Israel’s Supreme Court in an effort to recognize Orthodox conversions performed in Israel. Over the years, ITIM has created a web of connections with some of the most influential members of Israeli society, including members of Knesset, judges, the officials of marriage licensing, heads of rabbinic courts, leaders of religious burial societies and more. The purpose of these connections is to ensure that all who turn to ITIM receive aid that is comprehensive, professional and timely.