International Young Israel Movement – Israel

IYIM – International Young Israel Movement is the Israel branch of the National Council of Young Israel – a 100 year old Orthodox Synagogue umbrella group that has always been proudly Zionistic.

The Israel branch is involved in its 55 branches from Beersheva and Sderot in the South through to Karmiel in the North, in community building, social welfare activities, the IDF Rabbinate, and olim of various ages.

IYIM strives to assist those sectors of the Israeli population most in need, that does not make the news headlines. These include the deaf and hearing impaired, Agunot and divorce refusal victims (both male and female) and the youth of Sderot.

IYIM strives to enhance Jewish Peoplehood by aiming to strengthen connections between our members in Israel and their counterparts in Young Israel synagogues spread throughout North America.