Harchavat Hamaagalim

About Ma’agalim programs
In 1998, when Ma’agalim was founded, Ma’agalim’s educational staff came to the understanding that in high schools in the peripheries, lending a sympathetic ear and counseling is not sufficient in order to prevent at-risk youth from descending deeper and deeper into obscurity, or worse. Ma’agalim was created to empower at-risk youth from the geographical and social peripheries of Israel and help them undergo a process of personal growth.
Through mentoring by peer counselors, who become role models for the at-risk youth, these young men and women are given a sense of responsibility to oneself, to their family, and to society, and therefore, are ready to serve their country. Furthermore, Ma’agalim enables them to enter adulthood as individuals with strong Jewish and Zionist identities.
Ma’agalim’s program is a process that begins in the 11th grade and continues throughout the 12th grade. Ma’agalim counselors, once a week, lead one-on-one mentoring sessions and a one-hour group session during the school day. Our in-school group sessions use value-based curriculum constructed by the educational staff of Ma’agalim. In addition, Ma’agalim arranges out of school activities such as: conferences, inspirational seminars, visits to military bases, meetings with officers in the IDF, and trips to sites of Jewish and Zionist significance. Ma’agalim incorporates these important activities because the at-risk youth deserve to see the beauty of their country, understand and witness the history of Israel and learn their place in society.
Another program of Ma’agalim, Ma’agal Balev – Women Empowerment Program through National Service, provides support within the National Service framework and continues the process of self-empowerment. After graduating from high school, our at-risk young women have the opportunity to obtain extensive exposure in a number of professional fields within Israeli society, while receiving the continued mentoring of Ma’agalim counselors. Finally, Ma’agalim’s Graduate Program, gives Ma’agalim alumni continued guidance, support, life-coaching, and assistance after completion of the Army or National Service, so that they can continue on to higher learning and employment.